Enniscorthy Castle can trace its origins back to the thirteenth century and over its history has been “home” to Norman knights, English armies, local merchants, Irish rebels and Republican prisoners.  A tour of Enniscorthy Castle showcases the interlinked history of the castle and town from the Anglo-Norman period up to the twentieth century.  Wall art in the dungeon has been the subject of much archaeological debate; a floor furnished in the Edwardian style remembers the time when Enniscorthy Castle was home to the Roche family; a space has also been given over to copies of furniture designed by the internationally-renowned Enniscorthy-born Eileen Gray (1878-1976).  The roof of Enniscorthy Castle is accessible and from the battlemented parapets visitors can enjoy panoramic vistas overlooking the town and the windmill stump on the summit of Vinegar Hill.

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