The National Built Heritage ServiceSupporting and Promoting Ireland’s Built Heritage

Our built heritage is an irreplaceable expression of the customs and values of our past, and a vital part of the present character and amenity of our cities, towns, and countryside. It includes not only grand architectural statements such as cathedrals and country houses but also the memorials, historic street furniture, and modest everyday buildings which contribute so much to our sense of place.

The role of the National Built Heritage Service, a section of the Department of Housing, Local Government, and Heritage, is to work with owners, craftspeople, building professionals, NGOs, local authorities, the Heritage Council, and other public bodies to ensure that our built heritage is valued, protected, and carefully adapted where necessary, so that its character and special interest can be enjoyed by future generations.

The work of the National Built Heritage Service covers a wide range of activities, including:

  • Identifying, recording, assessing and monitoring our built heritage through the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage;
  • Providing financial support to owners of our built heritage through the Built Heritage Investment Scheme and Historic Structures Fund;
  • Providing advice and guidance to owners and conservation professionals on how best to conserve, maintain, and revitalise our built heritage, and improve its resilience to climate change;
  • Delivering initiatives to enhance appreciation and enjoyment of our built heritage;
  • Supporting conservation professionals through training and guidance;
  • Working with local authorities and state agencies to ensure that the conservation of our built heritage is integrated appropriately into planning, policy, and investment decisions.

Our built heritage is a rich resource which can provide amenity and enjoyment now and for many years to come. Making full use of this resource will help revitalise our cities, towns, and countryside, and contribute to realising our climate action targets by avoiding the need for unnecessary new construction. The aim of the National Built Heritage Service is to bring together and support a broad coalition of stakeholders to ensure we realise the rich potential of this special inheritance.