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Historical, Technical

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1860 - 1900


265198, 331247

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Cast-iron cooling chamber, constructed c.1880, as part of gasworks. Disused. Octagonal-plan cast-iron chamber, widening and converging at points at half-height and tapering vertically to a point. Fixed with iron bolts to red brick square-plan pier, possibly containing void, with adjoining coursed rubble stone wall running west. Located west of site of Rossmore Castle.


This cooling chamber is located to the west of the remains of Rossmore Castle and is located east of what is marked on the 1908 Ordnance Survey map as "Gashouse Wood". The feature is located within one of the most interesting demesnes in County Monaghan, containing gates and lodges, a mausoleum, walled garden and other items. This feature is part of an interesting collection of industrial items that includes sluice gates, a hydraulic dam for generating electricity, a pumping works to provide fresh water to the Castle which was located on a height, and these remains of the gas works, used to produce gas for lighting primarily, became common features on Demesnes in the latter half of the 1800s, this example was probably built around 1870 or shortly after. It is likely that much of the gasworks was demolished in the 1940s when the country house itself was demolished. The cooling chamber now acts as a landmark for walkers in the Park and may have been moved from its original location for this purpose.