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Historical, Social

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Street name plaque

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Street name plaque


1775 - 1785


167513, 72158

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Pair of limestone plaques, dated 1782, inscribed with English to upper plaque and with Irish to the lower plaque. Set in rubble stone pier, c. 1985, having cast-iron plaque above, marking the site of former Carroll's Bridge.


This pair of limestone plaques marks the former location of Carroll's bridge. Set on the west side of Carroll's Quay, they are a physical reminder that this street was once a waterway. Carroll's Quay was built along a water channel, which was later covered over and the road constructed. These limestone plaques contribute to the streetscape and are interesting reminders of the changes and development of the city. These plaques form part of an interesting group with the commemorative plaques for Punche's Bridge, located to the north.