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Drogheda East Lighthouse, County Meath
Representative view
Reg. No.14402101
Date1860 - 1900
Previous NameN/A
CountyCounty Meath
Coordinates315732, 275799
Categories of Special InterestARCHITECTURAL TECHNICAL
Original Uselighthouse
Lighthouse, built c.1880, comprising cast-iron lantern with glazed panel, surrounded by walkway approached by ladder, set on cast-iron supports. Set within brick boundary walls.


Drogheda East lighthouse makes a significant contribution to the surrounding landscape. It forms part of an interesting group with the related lighthouses in the area. It also forms part of a broader group with the sea safety structures in the area, such as the beacons and the former lifeboat house. The lighthouse retains many original features and materials.
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