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Site Survey Report

Displayed below are the results of a desk-based assessment of the site's condition and survival. Users should note that this preliminary assessment, being based on digital aerial photography, may be inaccurate. A field survey will be required to confirm the site's true level of survival and heritage importance.

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Site Status : Main features unrecognisable - peripheral features visible
Initial Overview
Site Footprint Visible Yes
Boundary Defined Yes
Significant Development No
Feature Richness Index 2
Architectual Features
Principal Building No
Garden Structures No
Gateways and Gatehouses No
Buildings of Indeterminate Purpose No
Movement Within Site
Entrances have changed No
Drive position has changed No
Avenues No
Woodland Drives or Walks No
Landscape Features
Woodlands Yes
Woodland Footprint Changed Yes
Comments Much of the surviving woodland is being used for commercial forestry
Orchards No
Parkland No
Formal Garden No
Kitchen / Walled and Productive Gardens Yes
Vistas No
Allees No
Natural and Naturalistic Water Features No
Artifical Water Features No
Other Features No
Section Comments Much of this site is indistinguishable from surrounding farmland.