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Name of Site : Shortstone West
Address : Shortstone West
Previous Name :
Description : Modest-sized early 19th century house set on high ground, with a very prominent walled garden, two walls of which align the road. Owner Sammy Coulter was an agent for the Biggars of Falmore. He was murdered on his way to Crossmaglen Fair in 1851 (or 1852) near the house. Present owner since 1924. At one time owned by Baillies of nearby Shortstone House through marriage. Present owner gives a good account of the fortunes of the walled garden. It ceased to be the fruit, vegetable, flower garden and orchard in the 1920s; the emphasis was an agriculture, pigs were put into the garden. Eventually the orchard was grubbed up and potatoes were planted. In recent years the owner has rebuilt the walls and replanted an orchard, which is now fully maintained.
Garden ID : LH0096
Irish Grid Coordinates: E:311097
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Modest site - with buildings and planting surviving
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