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Name of Site : Killin
Address : Killin
Townland : KILLIN
Previous Name : Killin House
Description : Moderate-sized demesne on undulating country descending to Castletown River in the south. Pre 1836 house, outbuildings and remains of walled garden to the north; subsequent layout for 1910 house. Surrounding ornamental grounds intact, but area to south and west is a golf course since 1992. Divided ownership. The pre 1836 house to the north of the property is in good order and has surviving contemporary stone outbuildings in amongst newer buildings. There was a walled productive garden to the east of the house, the north wall of which is extant and also served as a wall along the road, which enclosed all the domestic building area.
Garden ID : LH0040
Irish Grid Coordinates: E:310018
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Significant site - some loss of integrity
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