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Name of Site : New Mellifont Abbey
Address : Collon
Townland : COLLON
Previous Name : Oriel Temple
Description : A large demesne laid out for Anthony Foster from the mid 18th century with an ornamental building at its centre, a small but impressive Doric temple, Oriel Temple (now within the present Cistercian Monastery). The Fosters lived in Collon House to the south of the demesne at a cross roads in the centre of Collon, though the temple was enlarged into a 'summer villa' in the late 18th century. The grounds are in a sublime landscape, the temple on high ground with vistas to the sea. Undulating land is part wooded, part farmed. It was laid out with several important garden buildings and a lake, which survive. Unfortunately, its 'five hundred acres of arboratum?' planted by John Foster during the early 19th century does not survive, but fortunately is remembered in historical references. See also Collon House (NIAH 13828001) in which the Foster family lived.
Garden ID : LH0021
Irish Grid Coordinates: E:283400
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Significant site - some loss of integrity
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