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Name of Site : Plaster
Address :
Previous Name :
Description : Modest demesne for a small house built pre 1834, which has been enlarged in recent times. The main approach is by a very long and well-kept drive from the west. The pre 1834 drive from the east is no longer in use and the land is no longer within the property. The house is on high ground on Taylor's Hill and an area of parkland to the northwest contains a few fine mature trees. There are also fine mature trees in Plaster Glen to the northwest and northeast, including a fine stand of scots pines. The woodland is managed; the shelter belt to the northwest has been reinforced with modern conifer; the land is farmed. A pre 1834 property, Mason Lodge, at the exit from Plaster onto the road to the west side of the demesne, has the north wall of its productive garden standing. A stream runs through this garden.
Garden ID : DG0112
Irish Grid Coordinates: E:415429
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Modest site - with buildings and planting surviving
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