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Name of Site : Meenglass
Address :
Previous Name : Meenglass House The Castle
Description : Once a large heavily wooded demesne with a large house known locally as .The Castle.. Not shown on 1st edition OS. There was a gate lodge, outbuildings and walled garden with glasshouse in the south corner. Main road, which went through the demesne was known as Chancellor.s Road and was altered at the south end sometime before 1906. At that time there were five entrances. No buildings, except remnants survive and some mature deciduous trees in the vicinity of the house. Not in use since the 1940s and subsequently afforested. The second crop is now mature. This site no longer constitutes an historic garden, demesne or ornamental designed landscape of interest. Public Access : Coillte paths for walkers.
Garden ID : DG0106
Irish Grid Coordinates: E:390558
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