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Name of Site : Kiltoy Lodge
Address :
Townland : KILTOY
Previous Name :
Description : Small demesne, on the outskirts of Letterkenny, for early 19th century house remains intact but grounds unkempt. House .modernised. since Rowan.s assessment in 1979. Present entrance northeast of the main entrance, which is now out of use. Thatched gate lodge, which was across the road, has gone. The outbuildings remain but disused, as is the walled garden, though fruit trees flourish. Vestiges of an ornamental garden survive and fine mature trees to the east and west of the house. 19th century shelter belt has gone but a modern planting of birch lines the present day approach road. Parkland to south of the house.
Garden ID : DG0096
Irish Grid Coordinates: E:412793
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Modest site - with buildings and planting surviving
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