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Name of Site : Drumbeg Hotel
Address : Cloverhill
Previous Name : Clover Hill Drumbeg
Description : Unnamed on the OS 1836 map; named as Clover Hill on the 1840s map. The house is set on high ground, with trees below as shelter from off-shore winds. At some time in the second half of the 19th century, the demesne underwent considerable changes. A gate lodge and entrance were added to the north and a pond, with an island, created in that area. In the 20th century the house became an hotel, Drumbeg Hotel, and an additional building was built onto it. During all this time the walled gardens, to the northwest of the house, were well maintained and have only recently been neglected. The northern part of the property (north of the stream) including the pond and approach drive is now in separate ownership, forming part of a two acre modern garden (1989) known as Lower Cranny which forms part of the Donegal Garden Trail.
Garden ID : DG0033
Irish Grid Coordinates: E:377758
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Site of historical importance - now partially derelict or destroyed
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