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Name of Site : Castle Cary
Address :
Previous Name :
Description : Small site for a pre 1836 house set on high ground with good views over Lough Foyle. Lewis describes it in 1837 as having part of a fosse and some terraces and remains of a former mansion. Earlier house had an early formal demesne. 19th century maps indicate this early formal layout, with remnants of a straight tree-lined approach running northwest in the direction of the house from the southeast of the demesne. A rectangular pond is recorded as "old fish pond" in 1836 and shown in 1857, now gone. Landscape park style developed between 1836 and 1903, presumably associated with the new house. An outbuilding, terraces, fine mature trees along shelter belt to southeast and tree-lined route running southwest to northeast remains. Some remains of orchard southwest of house.
Garden ID : DG0023
Irish Grid Coordinates: E:436605
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