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Name of Site : Ardrumman House
Address :
Townland : ARDRUMMAN
Previous Name : Ardruminan House
Description : Large demesne for a mid 19th century house, two-storeys overlooking Lough Swilly. Bence Jones and Rowan date the house to c.1830 but it is not recorded until the 1858 OS map. The walled garden to the west of the house, may have been reused from the previous house recorded on the 1838 OS map, west of the current house. Walled garden appears to have gone by the 1905 OS map. Shelter belts along the southeastern boundary developed from 1836 and appear from aerial photos to be intact. Woodland northwest of house developed from 1858. Parkland appears to remain to south of house. A significant site - some loss of integrity. Assessment made on the basis of historic mapping and aerial photography.
Garden ID : DG0001
Irish Grid Coordinates: E:417498
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