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Issue with Historic Environment Viewer

Mon, 23 Jan 2017 00:05:00 GMT
This is to notify users of the Historic Environment Viewer that following an upgrade by Google of their Chrome browser software at the beginning of this year certain functionality on the Historic Environment Viewer is not responsive, e.g. search by County/Townland.  The site is working as normal in Edge, Firefox and Internet Explorer.  However, Google Chrome's latest updates have prevented the search buttons from working as expected.  This anomaly has been reported to our service provider. If the browser choice is not an option for users, our service provider has advised that in Chrome it is possible to navigate to the "Search" button using the TAB keyboard key and then hitting the Enter keyboard key to execute the query.  

Historic Environment Viewer Issue 01

Open Historic Environment Viewer

Historic Environment Viewer Issue 02

Enter eight digit Registration Number, e.g. 15702503

Hit Tab key followed by Enter key to go to selected record

Historic Environment Viewer Issue 03